Other Projects

The Sabrosa History and Archaeology Association has, throughout its existence, developed various projects and activities related to heritage, the enhancement, study and characterisation of the cultural and historical aspects of the municipality of Sabrosa and the Upper Douro Wine Region.

Among the various initiatives and projects, the following stand out: the Archaeological Site of the Touças Necropolis, the Summer Solstice festival, the Druída show, the project "Caminhos Antigos das Touças: história, arqueologia e ambiente, the European Archaeology Days, in partnership with INRAP, the DGPC and the Sabrosa City Council, the project to digitize the historical heritage of the municipality of Sabrosa, and many others.

Also fundamental components are the various museological and museographic projects, such as the project "A Ciência por Detras de Fernão de Magalhães" (The Science behind Fernão de Magalhães), the archaeology exhibition "Histórias e estórias na arqueologia pública da Cidade do Porto" (Stories and Stories in the Public Archaeology of the City of Porto), in partnership with EROS Environment Reserach on Science Consulting, and various workshops and training courses in areas of interest for cultural heritage, archaeology and history.

Digital Archive of the Metallic Mining of the Sabrosa Municipality

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