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European Project LVIN-C

LVIN-C (Learning Villages International Network) is a project supported by the European Commission, integrated in the CERV 2022 programme (Twinning and Networks of Towns CERV 2022; Citizens of Town), which seeks to develop activities in historical villages, small towns and settlements in the rural interior of the European territories.

This project seeks to develop educational, cultural, artistic, historical and participative democracy activities. The main intervention comprises ethnographic, sociological and economic research and study objects, social and tourism diagnosis and feasibility studies and reports on potential attractiveness, the Learning by doing adult education scenarios on active citizenship, health and safety, participatory budgeting, digital skills, rural entrepreneurship, cultural heritage management, sustainable tourism and environmental education, the contexts and objects of strategic thinking and long and short-term planning, the centres of an impact strategy on their tourism attractiveness, cultural heritage and landscape enhancement, environmental social awareness, community decision and action (especially in times of pandemics and health emergencies) and the sites for active ageing health and wellbeing programmes for older adults.

The coordination of the European project is carried out by the Sabrosa History and Archaeology Association, representing the town of Sabrosa and the municipality of Sabrosa. The project's coordination will be carried out entirely by the AHAS team and the activities will be coordinated in the facilities of the Garganta Archaeological Site and the AHAS Archaeology and Environment Office.

Among the partners involved are APS Poligonal (Cori, Italy), A Time Heritage (Athens, Greece), The Municipality of San Xoán de Río (Orense, Spain), the Municipality of Farkadona (Athens, Greece), the historical village of Meteora (Greece), the Association VerdeMente (Cáceres, Spain), ADEMED: Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare si Mediu (Romania), and company Ruralidade Verde, Lda (Vila Real, Portugal), the association Holistic Fungi (Cáceres, Spain), among other institutions, towns and villages of the European rural hinterland.

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